SMART CROCHET: unique crochet decorative pillows. Give your home a new look with handmade crochet throw pillows. Refresh your home decor with stylish colorful Irish lace crochet coasters, table mats and table runners.

CUSTOM ORDER: Irish Lace windmill motif crochet pillowcase made of crochet thread, in your preferred colors and needed size. 

Pillow and lining are NOT included. You are getting a lacy transparent crochet pillowcase to wear on your own throw pillow. 

However, you have an option to purchase a small 11" x 11" hand crocheted throw pillow separately. To choose a pillow please visit "Throw pillows" section.

Pricing for pillowcases:

  • For square pillows 11" x 11" - 3 x 3 motifsPrice $12.00 
  • For square pillows 12" x 12" -  3 x 3 motifsPrice $12.00
  • For square pillows 15" x 15" - 4 x 4 motifsPrice $18.00 
  • For square pillows 16" x 16" - 4 x 4 motifsPrice $18.00 
  • For square pillows 18" x 18" - 5 x 5 motifsPrice $25.00 
  • For square pillows 19" x 19" - 5 x 5 motifsPrice $25.00 
  • For rectangular pillows 12" x 18" - 5 x 3 motifs: Price $18.00 
  • For rectangular pillows 12" x 19" - 5 x 3 motifs: Price $18.00 

Free Crochet Pattern for Irish Lace Windmill Crocheted Pillowcase

This pattern is provided for crocheters "as is" and is for your own personal use.

If you like this free crochet pattern and find it useful feel free to share this page with your friends, on your blog, favorite crochet communities, Pinterest, Facebook etc...

The windmills are my favorites, this is a simple one. I assume you are familiar with windmills and how they are done: first you make the center, then you crochet the petals, one by one, by turning your work. You make a row away from the center, turn, make another row towards the center, attach it to the center, then go to the next petal. Every new petal you start with a chain which you attach somewhere in the middle of the previous petal (the patterns will show you where exactly to attach it). Most patterns only have 2 rows per petal, but sometimes more, so you just keep going backward and forward attaching every new row to the center, until you are done and ready to move to the next petal.

Tip for this pattern:  After you connect the last and the first petal, fasten off, cut the thread leaving the end long enough and weave it through the chain (as arrow shows), then attach it to the chain below, fasten off again. The main pattern ends sort of inside the petal, so to make the edge around the motif you will have to re-connect the thread, even if you plan to make it in one solid color.

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Square pillow sizes 11" x 11" --- 12" x 12" --- 15" x 15" --- 16" x 16" --- 18" x 18" --- 18" x 18" ---
Rectangular pillow sizes 12" x 18" --- 12" x 19" ---

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Pillowcase - thread - #10a

  • $12.00

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