SMART CROCHET: unique crochet decorative pillows. Give your home a new look with handmade crochet throw pillows. Refresh your home decor with stylish colorful crochet coasters, table mats and table runners.


About me:

Originally from Europe, I now live in sunny California and work in computer field, but dedicate every minute of my free time to my passion: CROCHET. I am an avid crocheter who wants to share my passion with those who don't crochet themselves but appreciate the fine art of crochet and love to surround themselves with pretty handmade things. I have a job and this site is just my hobby, something I love to do at my leisure time, but I DO take it very seriously. I truly appreciate your interest and your business.

All my items come from a clean smoke-free and cat-free household. However, I do have a spaniel dog who loves to cuddle with me on the coach, and even though I sure keep her away from my crochet work, I feel I should disclose this just in case you are allergic to dogs.


What happened to the old Smart Crochet filet site?

The old site is closed due to the lack of time and interest, sorry. Most filet patterns on the old site were created by my late Mom. Personally I don't do filet crochet, though I love it, but it's just not my thing. I kept the old site as long as I could, but it's time to move on. However, the members area is still there and will be there, so if you were a paid member on the old site, you still have access to all the patterns.

How do I pre-order an item?

Please go to an item's page, select your desired size and colors and add it to your Wishlist. I will do my best to crochet an item you are interested in as soon as possible and let you know when ready. 

Do I have to pre-pay the items on my wishlist?

No, you don't. You only pay for the ready items.

Am I under any obligation to buy the items on my wishlist once they become available? 

Absolutely not. There is no obligation. The wishlist is more like for the marketing purposes, so I know what people are interested in and what to crochet next. If you are still interested in an item after it becomes available, you will be able to purchase it. If you change your mind, that's fine, no problem.

Why do I have to register to add an item to my wishlist?

So I can notify you when an item on your wishlist becomes available. Your email address will never be shared with any third parties and I don't send out any promotional spam.

When will an item on my wishlist become available?

I cannot give any time frame, sorry, all depends on how busy I am, how many other customers are waiting for their items ahead of you, how big is your item, etc... For that reason I don't ask for pre-payments: because I cannot guarantee the time frame. But I promise I will do the best I can to fullfil your wish as soon as possible.

Will my wishlist be publicly visible?

By default, no. All wishlists are private by default, only you and me can see them. But you can share them with others if you wish, by clicking on "Show Share Options" button on your Wishlist page. 

Why should I share my wishlist?

People share their lists for fun and informational purposes, so others can see which items people like the most, sort of like on Amazon.

What forms of payment do you accept?

I accept PayPal only. I don't accept personal checks, sorry. Please note, you DO NOT need a PayPal account in order to pay. I use PayPal as a credit card payment gateway, so they can process your credit card payment. Of course, they will ask you if you wish to register with them, but you don't have to if you don't want to, just submit your credit card info on their website for a one-time payment. 

What materials do you use for your items?

For cotton pillowcases, I use either Aunt Lydia's Fashion 3 Crochet Thread (that's a thick shiny thread, like they use for clothing), or Classic 10 Crochet Thread 2 ply. By "2 ply" I mean I use 2 threads together, I crochet from 2 balls. The choice of thread depends on color and on size of the item, whatever is necessary to obtain the right gauge. For acrylic pillowcases I use Cotton Fair blended yarn (half cotton half acrylic). For coasters I use thick Lily Sugar and Cream Cotton Yarn, this is the yarn people use for dishcloths.

Cotton vs Acrylic? Pros and Cons?

It depends. It is a matter of taste. Acrylic yarn has a soft look and soft touch, the items look brighter, there are no dye lots, so the colors wont run, the items also wont shrink after washing. Cotton has pronounced stitches and truly handmade "country" look, it holds the shape much better, besides some people like the natural stuff better.