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ITEM FOR SALE: Lacy flower crochet doily made of cotton thread, in wood violet and ecru. One item ready and available in stock (shown on photo). 

Note: If you need this item in different colors or quantity, please visit "Custom orders" section or click on "Related products" below.


  • Doily, 4 motifs - 7" x 7" : Price $4.00 


Wood violet and ecru. Please note, the actual color may vary slightly from your monitor or mobile device display. 


  • Made of Aunt Lydia's 10 Crochet Thread
  • 100% Cotton 
  • Colors: wood violet and ecru
  • Approximate dimensions: 7" x 7" 

Care recommendations:

  • Machine wash gentle cycle
  • Okay to iron

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Free Crochet Pattern for Irish Lace Flower Crochet Doily

This pattern is provided for crocheters "as is" and is for your own personal use.

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Size Doily 7" x 7" ---

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Hand Crocheted Doily #24df

  • $4.00

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